William Simpson Biography 1925-1996

William Simpson read everything! He cared about the social plight of humanity, and was pained by the blatant disparities he witnessed towards fellow Americans. Mr. Simpson spoke out through his literature, editorials and written commentaries. He was an avid writer and articulated many of the inequities of society, both locally and globally. He educated his community, and stood up for the downtrodden. His influential writings changed and affected the hearts and minds of many men and women who read his works. He wrote well-reasoned opinions and articles and expositions on equality and civil rights for all people. He also served as a judge for the annual NAACP ACT-SO Essay Competition.

He was a pioneer, and left a viable blueprint for thinkers and writers who dared to question injustice. From his extensive editorial and vigilant persona came the seeds of hope for equality and justice for all. His writing made those hopes eternal. Mr. Simpson was a long-term resident of Park Forest, Illinois and a pillar of the community. He was former president of the Chicago Far-South Suburban Branch of the N.A.A.C.P., and remained active throughout his tenure in the organization. He was married to Mrs. Juanita Simpson; they raised and educated their three children and they both were well known for their contributions to the community.

Following the death of William Simpson on October 8, 1996, the Chicago Far South Suburban Branch of the N.A.A.C.P. adopted a resolution calling for the creation of an Essay Scholarship Fund in memory of Mr. Simpson’s legacy. His wife, Juanita Simpson, was the original founder of the organization. In 1998, the William Simpson Essay Scholarship Foundation was established and incorporated in Illinois as an independent, not for profit organization to motivate and encourage excellence in young African-American writers by offering competitive scholarships funds.